Band Saga Kickstarter Needs Help to Hit the Road

Band Saga; you’d easily be able to forgive yourself for assuming that tis a Kickstarter for a chiptune album but that’s actually one of the finished aspects of this game. It’s a “Musical Action Roguelike” which sounds not unlike Beat Hazard (which is great btw) but judging by the videos and screenshots, it looks more like an isometric Binding of Isaac(which is also great).

It’s not entirely clear how exactly the musical part of game really works. The given explanation is that an in-game FM sequencer will create tunes that influence the levels layout, enemies etc. It’s a little unclear exactly how much of a difference it makes or how easy it is to know exactly what your influence will be but it’ll surely be clearer once we get our hands on it; so long as the Kickstarter succeeds.

The developer Roger “Rekcahdam” Hicks is the main musical talent but the extended musical cast includes Plants Vs Zombies singer/musician Laura Shigihara, Disasterpeace of Fez fame, Grant “Stemage”Henry of Metroid Metal and a host of others. If you’re familiar with any of their work then you know the quality that you’re dealing with here, if you don’t then lets us tell you that it is a pretty high standard.

The Kickstarter is about halfway through their campaign but it’s still at a manageable place. It’s definitely an interesting looking and sounding game, so at least take a look and a listen to what’s on offer. Even if you’re only after the music; it does come with every copy of the game, so it couldn’t hurt to back it on Kickstarter to get your soundtrack that way.

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