New Warframe update brings space combat, magical hat

Warframe Archwing

Warframe is really weird. Not because of all the strange alien creatures (including whatever your avatar is supposed to be), but because it’s a free-to-play game that doesn’t make you want to chew off your own elbows within 30 seconds of play. In fact, it’s rather good. Yes it’s crammed full of (hold your nose) microtransactions (release), and demands excessive grinding without them, but it’s enjoyable even without the best equipment. F2P heresy! It’s enjoyed superb support and regular updates since release, and the latest of these updates is called Archwing (and sadly not, as we excitedly misread for a heartbeat, Arwing. What a crossover that could’ve been).

The most notable addition Archwing brings is movement through, and battles in, space; without a spaceship, as the press release is keen to stress. As is the norm a new Warframe has been thrown in too. This one is called Limbo “whose hat wields exceptional powers”. A hat? A hat? You’re saving the galaxy and slaughtering evil alien hordes while wearing a hat?

Oh well.

As you’d expect there are also new quests, new weapons, and even new enemies. All for free, remember; the bestest of prices. Mind you, if you’re new to Warframe, you’ve got an awful lot of work to do before you can crack into all the content provided by the last few updates. Archwing is live now for PC players, and is due for PS4 and Xbone peoples in a few weeks.

Anyway, how can the hat wield “exceptional powers”? Surely it’s the person wearing the hat who does the wielding?

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