Arkham Knight season pass is wait, how much, seriously?

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The season pass for the new Batman game is going to cost anybody foolish enough to buy it £32.99. That will buy you content released over a six month period (so perhaps there’ll be another season afterwards!) including dress-up costumes for Batman and his car, challenge maps, race tracks for Batman’s car to brrm-brrm around, more “super-villains”, and an unspecified amount of story content. Were he to look at the season pass’s price and content, we’re sure that Robin would exclaim Holy something, but not necessarily something that you could repeat in polite company. The sort of line you might find in one of the ‘gritty’ Batman comics written by famous racist Frank Miller, for example.

What Joker decided on that price? Don’t Warner Brothers realise that overpriced DLC is the Bane of the industry? Bit of a Hugo Strange decision if you ask us. Professing love and respect for the BatBrand one minute, and demanding huge payment for relatively insignificant content the next seems somewhat Two-Faced to us. They’re Robin us blind!

Okay, we’ll stop now.

Friendly reminder: The last Batman game published by Warner Brothers was released with several game-breaking bugs, and patching stopped while less severe, but still highly irritating, issues remained on multiple formats. We’re hoping that this is all just some kind of meta PR stunt, and Christian Bale – in full Batman gear – will be filmed storming WB head office, throwing nameless suits across tables and into walls, before cornering a terrified manager alone in his office (which contains a huge table and a wall-to-wall window looking down on a well-lit night-time city, of course) and – pinning said manager against the wall – declares in his gravelly BatVoice: “You’re going to give these people back their money. You’re going to make all this content free of charge. And you’re going to do this now.”

See? We could do PR damage control. It’s easy.

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