Shenmue 3 is definitely happening (no thanks to Sony)

Finally, you can look for sailors in HD.

As you are quite possibly aware, E3 is happening. There seems little point in repeating all the news that the rest of the internet has already repeated ad nauseum, but just to remind you that it wasn’t some sort of crazy dream: Shenmue III was announced. Well, sort of. What actually happened was Sony said ‘We hope you losers are happy to part with your money to make this happen, because we sure as hell aren’t!’, or words to that effect.

Anyway, Shenmue III really is happening. A Kickstarter campaign was set up with a goal of (to be said in your best Dr Evil voice) two million dollars. The internet threw money at it with such ferocity, that this was achieved this in less than twelve hours. The top stretch goal currently visible sits at four million; which, with 31 days to go at time of writing, seems very doable.

Funding within such a short time was basically inevitable, but it doesn’t make that pitch video any less terrible. Watch it if you dare. At one point, we weren’t sure if we were being sold Shenmue III or Scientology. The cheap, insincere, plastic evangelising in both script and presentation are hugely off-putting. As for what we presume is meant to be teaser footage of the new game… it offers little more than terrible acting and a gratuitous Ryo crotch shot.

Not that it needs any more money, but just $29 will get you a digital copy of the final product for either PC or PS4 when it’s ready… at the end of 2017.

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