New Dontnod game Vampyr announced with “concept teaser”

Life Is Strange is (so far, at least) completely awesome. It’s quite a departure from the studio’s previous game Remember Me, and now Dontnod look set to continue refusing to get stuck in a rut with their next game, Vampyr.

That’s a funny way of spelling ‘vampire’. The video up there doesn’t tell us much at all, but the press release makes the game sound promising (although that is, admittedly, precisely what a press release is designed to do). As you may have guessed, it’s going to be a game with vampires in it, but! This will be an RPG set in early twentieth century London. The real-life horror of Spanish flu, now largely consigned to history, will give you even less reason to want to go outside. Presumably you’re going to have to though, otherwise it’s going to be a rather boring game.

Special vampire powers are promised, powered appropriately enough by human blood. It’s said that “absolutely all characters in the game are potential victims of your vampiric lust”, and it’s made clear that there will be a choice and consequence mechanic when it comes to who you choose to kill for feeding. In amongst less interesting fluff about melee and ranged combat and some kind of crafting system, it’s already been decided that your health bar will also work as the gauge that using your vampire powers depletes. It sounds like your actions will also dictate how human your character is (or isn’t) by the end of the game.

Vampyr will be published by Focus Home Interactive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC; but isn’t due for release until some time in 2017. The good side to this is that, at the moment, it looks like the developers aren’t expecting you to pay for the game until they’ve finished making it. What a weird idea, eh?

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