It’s a Date! A Gaming Site for Finding Friends for Co-op

Are you a lonely gamer interested in some Co-op action with like minded people? Then take a look at Getting together regular groups for raids or even for a Story Heavy Co-op game can be a real pain and even within friend groups you won’t always have someone who wants to play all the same games as you. Here’s where Find Gaming Buddies comes in.

Sick of getting abuse, flakiness and immaturity, two gamers – Lee and Karl – decided to create a site that lets you find players who play the same games at the same time as yourself and it’s all packaged in a way that lets you rate your experience with players, to reward those that are fun to play with – in a style similar to TripAdvisor. It’s got a low tolerance on abuse so if you’re not a friendly person then you’ll be removed from the service fairly swiftly.

The choice of games to pick for your profile is fairly large and it covers most platforms, you get to choose your prefered play times and set your skill level so you should be able to match yourself with like-minded gamers and those with similar time constraints. It’s completely free to sign up to; so there’s not really a downside. If you do give it a try, let us know what you think of it.

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Written by Sean P

I enjoy playing games and I enjoy writing things, so I decided to combine the two. I do bits here and there and have a twitter that mainly just announces things I've done as my life revolves around very little that is truly interesting.

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