Typoman brings literal word play November 19th

Sometimes – just sometimes – a game comes along that reminds you videogames can do things movies and books are incapable of. A game that takes a smart idea, and runs with it at full speed. A game that combines innovation with talent, and achieves greatness. Whether or not Typoman can hit that last part remains to be seen, but it seems to be hitting the bullseye on all other counts so far.

Today announced as a Wii U exclusive, Typoman is a curious beast that warrants your sitting up and paying attention. You play the part of HERO. Not a hero, but the word ‘HERO’ folded into the shape of a little chap. The art is reminiscent of Limbo, being as it is a dark and moody 2D platform puzzler with unpleasant deaths and creatures just waiting to get hold of you. The puzzles here, however, require an understanding of the English language.

There are some clever examples in the launch trailer above, the best perhaps being the word RUSH turned into the word CRUSH when the upper platform slams down, which is held back long enough for you to get through by creating the word SLOW. Watch the trailer for yourself, and then try to tell us you’re not intrigued.

Typoman is released on the Wii U eShop November 19th, an unfortunate date which sees it bashing heads with Star Wars Battlefront (not that that’s seeing a Wii U release of course). It’ll be €13.99, $13.99, or £9.99 depending on whereabouts in the world you live. Did you already get a taste of the game by downloading the demo during the Nindies @ Home event in June? Then your curiosity will be rewarded with a 15% discount off the full game. If you’re still not sure, keep an eye out for our review; which will hopefully be free of any ironic typing mistakes.

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