Star Wars Timeline: review

With the recent release of The Force Awakens in cinemas, Star Wars is back with a bang that would make the destruction of the Death Star seem like a fireworks show. Timeline: Star Wars is a game that uses 110 cards. The game comes packaged in an attractive tin box, with business card sized cards. Each card depicts a scene from an event in the original Star Wars movie trilogy, from Episodes IV: A New Hope to Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Each has a scene pictured on both sides, but on one side, the date that the event happened is also present.

The cards are business card sized, which means you can take them on trips away.

Each player is dealt four cards, with the date side face down. The first card is then played, and each player then takes it in turn to place a card into the timeline of the movie franchise. You need to decide whether the scene on one of your cards happened before or after the first card. After you’ve played your card you flip the rest in play over to see if you’re correct. If you’re correct, the play moves to the next player; if you’re wrong, then you discard the card and take another one from the deck. Play continues until players are left with no cards, the winner being the player that is the first to play all their cards.

The tin that stores the cards is nicely designed, and keeps the cards nice and safe.

For a family of Star Wars fans it’s a really enjoyable game that tests your knowledge of the goings on in the original trilogy. As more cards are introduced into the timeline it can get quite tricky as your options are reduced, and you struggle to remember which movie a scene occurred in. The game has a recommended age range of 8+, but we reckon slightly younger children with an interest in Star Wars will be able to play quite easily. Each game lasts around 10-15 minutes, which is a nice short and sweet game that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Even if you’re not a big fan of Star Wars you can make a guess to which scenes go where, and more experienced players can also balance the game for less knowledgeable players, by starting off with a larger selection of cards.

With 110 cards to put in order, it can get quite tricky when a few cards have been played.

For fans of the Star Wars franchise, Timeline is a great game, but non fans can also enjoy playing it too. It’s simple to play, and with games only taking 10-15 minutes to complete, it manages to hold player interest really well. It’s not quite Happy Families, being the story of the Skywalker family, but the Force is strong with Star Wars Timeline.

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Written by Kevin M

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