British gamers should vote to remain in the EU because reasons, says Ed Vaizey MP

Pretty soon, us Brits are being asked to vote in a referendum on the subject of EU membership. Should we remain in the EU, or leave? Common sense and/or research is needed to make a decision, because you sure as heck can’t decide what the correct vote is based on the supporters of each side. David Cameron and George Osborne are pro-EU, while Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are anti-EU. That’s like trying to decide whether you want to side with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, or Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

Various unconvincing arguments have been thrown about by both sides, and the latest comes from the Minister of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey. Mr Vaizey wishes us to believe that gamers, especially eSport enthusiasts and competitors, are best served by voting to remain in the European Union; or, as he has it (twice), the “European, er, Union”. Listen to the legendary orator make his case below:

Er, right, okay. Can’t argue with that, if only because there is nothing of substance to argue against.

The problem is that, theoretically speaking, keen gamers – especially those deeply into eSports – will be automatically inclined to vote to leave. Games such as Call of Duty encourage xenophobia and fear of the unknown, so people whose views of the outside world largely come from entertainment such as this will be keen to encourage isolationism at every opportunity. DON’T GET ANGRY, IT’S SATIRE. Besides, most people who play Call of Duty are too young to vote.

Brexit? Progress in relations with other european countries since your last treaty will be lost. Y/N

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