Oh no, now they’re making a The Division movie too

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Ubisoft Motion Pictures, which is apparently a thing, has announced that The Division is the latest recruit to Ubisoft’s rapidly-growing army of game franchises making the unwise journey to Hollywood. The press release spends most of its time talking about other films the stars are looking to promote, so chances are the ink’s only just dried on the various contracts.

There doesn’t seem to be anything to say about the The Division film at the moment, apart from the fact that some people with lots of money seem to think it’s a good idea, and it will star Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. Although there are some empty corporate rent-a-quotes in the press release (which we’ll spare you), there is – very oddly – no mention of the fact that Gyllenhaal starred in another Ubisoft film, Prince of Persia. Perhaps part of his terms were that nobody acknowledge this fact and, let’s face it, that was a bit of a crap film.

The Assassin’s Creed movie (staring Michael Fasslebedinger) will be inflicted on cinemas on December 21st of this year, but there’s no mention of a release date for the big-screen version of The Division yet. There’s lots of talk in the announcement about how the game shifted lots of copies very quickly, as if that has any bearing whatsoever on the wisdom of making a film. Other franchise adaptations that it’s confirmed you can, er, look forward to are Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, and Rabbids.

Actually, you know, maybe Rabbids will be okay.

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