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On the off chance you missed it, we had a preview of Worms W.M.D the other day but as it’s closing in on their release date of 23rd August 2016, more information is being trickled down the news pipes. As vehicles are are a big part of the new Worm simulation game it only comes naturally that you’d add a mech suit after tanks and helicopters. While all the sparse details are in the trailer below we thought we’d do the hard work for you.

The mech is a fast land based vehicle with powerful boosters for flight and ethical pneumatic arms, all for squishing the enemy. There isn’t any ingame footage but if you’re wondering what the game looks like in motion, then check out our 40 minutes of preview footage. We like the games so far and if you’re the preordering type then the Steam version has some cross pollination from other game series. There are a bunch of masks and a handful of weapons from the likes of Goat Simulator, Payday 2, Yooka-Laylee, Saints Row and more.

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