Fantasy adventure Silence gets a new trailer with ironic sound

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War. War never changes. Okay, so sometimes there are lasers instead of bullets, or mutants instead of humans. Or maybe there are aliens and/or spaceships. Or dinosaurs. Or boats, or swords, or ground-to-air missiles, or it’s in the past, or in the future, or it’s an RTS, or an FPS, or a platformer, or you’re one of the bad guys, or it’s in space, or it’s in another dimension, or… what we were saying?

Anyway. Silence, from Daedalic Entertainment, is the sequel to The Whispered World (though it looks like you should be able to get your head around the experience without playing the first game). The basic premise is an intriguing one. 16 year old Noah and his younger sister of indeterminate age, Renie, seek shelter from an air raid. What they find is a path into the world of Silence, a world that sits somewhere between life and death; a world where Renie becomes lost.

Noah sets off to find Renie, and so begins this interesting-sounding adventure. They may have escaped the real-world war, but the world of Silence has its own sinister problems. As you may expect, it soon falls to Noah and Renie to save the mysterious world of Silence in order to keep themselves not dead and find a way home. Presuming home hasn’t been blasted to bits.

There’s no release date more solid than ‘Q4 2016’, but there’s a trailer to tide you over until we have one just there. It’s due for release on PC, Mac, and Linux; and console gamers don’t get left out, as Silence is also getting PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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