The Hoff is in the next CoD (we KITT you not)

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David Hasselhoff! Zombies! A zombie theme park, in fact! No, wait; an eighties inspired zombie theme park. With actual zombies. And The Hoff. This may sound like one of the greatest movies ever created by humankind – in fact, that’s exactly what it sounds like – but in fact, it’s describing the wonderfully-titled ‘Zombies In Spaceland’ which features in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Why do you think they called it ‘Infinite’ warfare? Are they maybe going for a No Man’s Sky style procedurally generated game that never ends? No, of course they’re not. They just thought it sounded cool. Regardless of whether or not the main game will be cool, you have to admit that the zombie mode is going to have to work pretty hard to not be cool. Garish neon, bad fashion sense, disco balls, cheesy dialogue… that’s the eighties, alright. And zombies! Zombies may have been done to undeath in the gaming industry, but making corpses explode in this retro setting should make things feel fresh… for a while, at least.

Stick with the trailer, as Mr Hasselhoff makes a brief appearance right at the end as the DJ. It’s unclear exactly what role he’ll be playing in the zombie mode from the trailer; but the important thing is that he’s there, right? The press release informs us that the cast for this rotting side dish will also include Seth Green, Ike Barinholtz, Jay Pharaoh, and Asheer Zamata. If you don’t recognise all those names, don’t worry; neither do we, and we know everything.


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