Final Mafia III character trailer: Priest, CIA agent, EXPLOSION

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Do you remember Mafia II? Sure, that’s one of the most uninspiring names in the history of videogames, but don’t let that fool you; it was actually pretty good. It may have been a little technically shonky, but it had a great story and a remarkable sense of place. Taking place during forties and fifties America it had the architecture, automobiles, and clothing to match. It even had an awesomely authentic soundtrack including the likes of Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Muddy Waters, and Nat King Cole. This year, we get Mafia III.

Developed by new studio Hangar 13 rather than the now-defunct 2K Czech, this sequel still shows a lot of promise. The action this time round takes place in the late sixties and, again, we’re promised an appropriate soundtrack to match. There will again be plenty of opportunities to murder and generally make an illegal nuisance of yourself (of course!) but, this time, with much less emphasis on the traditional Italian Mafia. Keen to emphasise that story is still important to the experience, 2K have released a series of character trailers, the sixth and final of which we have for you here.

Short but sweet – or, er, slightly menacing – the trailer features new protagonist Lincoln Clay, priest Father James, and CIA agent John Donovan. It’s made clear that the latter two will have Influence, though not exactly what that means. And, just in case you thought the series was going soft in its old age, the trailer makes sure you know this isn’t true with the presence of a big knife, a gun, and A BLOODY GREAT HUGE EXPLOSION.

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