Virginia trailer features ginger priest

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Have you heard of Virginia? No, not the state in the USA. The videogame due for release on September 22nd for Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you like your games PC or Mac flavoured, you can try a demo right now by downloading it here. Console plebs will have to wait.

As promised in our headline, the trailer features a ginger priest, and that’s all we really care about here isn’t it? You get to see him three times that we noticed, the third time with him peeking from a doorway in a manner that we found inexplicably hilarious. However, we must admit that he’s not the centrepiece of the trailer (though he should be).

This latest trailer from 505 Games sets out to demonstrate the *checks press release* “cinematic presentation”, “cinematic editing”, and “cinematic inspirations”. Basically, it seems fair to assume that they’re going for “cinematic” here. That word is often poison in this industry but Virginia is intriguing, not least because of its striking graphical style and ginger priest. It’s a first-person game that promises to incorporate the “cinematic editing” in a way that will impact the experience, and no doubt support the “genre-bending story”.

Virginia is the debut game from Variable State, founded by Jonathan Burroughs and Terry Kenny who both have years of experience at high-profile developers behind them. Interestingly, they both worked at AI company DeepMind Technologies before founding Variable State. It remains to be seen if their time at DeepMind has had any influence on the game mechanics or the inclusion of a ginger priest.

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