Werewolf! Werewolf? There Wolf. There Bloodbowl 2.

Werewolves are invading the pitch alongside all the other ghoulish members of the Necromantic team in Blood Bowl 2. They don’t differ hugely from the undead team, mostly because of their access to Zombies, Ghouls and Wights but do offer a little more maneuverability. Instead the advantages come from Werewolves with their innate Frenzy and to a lesser extent, the towering brick walls that are Frankensteins Frankensteins Monster Flesh Golems.

Blood Bowl 2 has reviewed pretty decently and while the boat has already gone out on getting Necromantic, Undead and Norse free with the game, you can still pick it up and get Nurgle free – so long as you get it before they release. Handily, it’s also on sale this weekend in the Focus Home Interactive sale on Steam, so you can pick it up at a fairly hefty discount if you wish. Also, a few of the other Warhammer/40K games are in this sale including Battlefleet Gothic: Armada and Mordheim: City of the Damned, which are both supposedly quite good too.

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