New PS4 bundles announced for Christmas

Sony have revealed two new PS4 Slim bundles that will be released in time for Christmas. The first bundle includes the new 1tb PS4 Slim, and physical copies of both Watch_Dogs and Watch_Dogs 2. Ubisoft Montreal’s open world adventures featuring fictionalised versions of Chicago and San Francisco, as hackers use their skills to cause chaos in a third person, GTA inspired, free roaming adventure. This bundle is available on 15th November.

The second bundle includes the same PS4 Slim 1tb console, but includes Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. COD Infinite Warfare is set in the far future, with the game taking place in outer space for the first time, and featuring space combat and zero gravity sections. COD Modern Warfare needs no introduction, as it is a remastered version of Call of Duty 4, and includes the campaign, and all the multiplayer maps and modes from the original game. There are actually a couple of these bundles available. The first includes digital download codes for both new Call of Duty titles, and is available on 5th October, a full 30 days before the retail release of COD Infinite Warfare. The second bundle includes physical copiesĀ of both games, and is released on 4th November, when the game arrives at retail. There hasn’t been any mention of similar bundles for the new PS4 Pro console, but we’re sure Sony must have something up their sleeve to entice potential buyers of their superpowered new console.

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Written by Kevin M

I've been addicted to gaming since my parents bought an Atari console way back in the 70's. I progressed to the iconic Speccy, Amiga, and all the Playstation platforms. Having seen games evolve from single pixel bat and ball, to HD constructed environments, gaming has changed much from my early years. Having defeated the rock hard R-Type on the Speccy, the biggest challenge I've faced so far is putting up with the hordes of American teens spouting abuse in the current generation of consoles, noob indeed!

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