It’s Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Y’know how you like to shoot the bad guys right? Well, Homefront: The Revolution knows that and has finally released its first single player DLC, which lets you fight the “90”, a notorious gang of Americans hiding in the subway from the Breasts Boobies Norks (this is actually what they call the occupying Korean forces). 

Leaving behind the “everyman” hero that you were in the main game, you now get to play a prequel as the bigshot hero of the Resistance himself, “Benjamin Walker”. He’s the guy who gets kidnapped pretty early on in the main game after pulling some heroics before the tutorial. This DLC focuses on the lead up to that mess with some night time sneaking into occupied Philadelphia.

It’s partly taken so long to come out due to the plethora of issues it had at launch, most of which have been fixed in a patch, and we’ve found it all pretty good from what we’ve played of it after said patch. Sneaking about is also one of the more fun things, so it’ll be interesting to see how sneaky we really need to be, and the addition of a faction that also clearly don’t like the Norks should make for an interesting dynamic.

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