Nidhogg II Teaser

Hopefully you remember Nidhogg (it’s on the latest Dara O’Briain’s Go 8 Bit) as a game that not only oozes style but also has excellent form with its razor sharp dueling and polished mechanics that make it both a great game to play and a great game to watch. Nidhogg 2 however, looks like someone trying to remember a version of Nidhogg they had played┬áin a fever dream.

Gone are the crisp stickmen and minimalist art style, welcome to a new Nidhogg with chubby, screaming, wide-eyed man-things. Perhaps (hopefully) an evolution on the original, it now includes at least three┬ánew weapons as well; the bow a throwing dagger and an axe. There’s also over ten levels to play, a singleplayer mode where you fight AI and occasionally have to complete challenges, new music, and by the looks of things, lots of stomping your opponents corpse.

It’s due out in 2017 for PC “and maybe some other platforms”; for now though, check out the trailer below.

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