War Child’s first gaming fundraiser promotion is now live

For those unaware of War Child, it’s a charity that will heartbreakingly always be needed. They concentrate on that aspect of war which is all too often forgotten, or serves as a footnote: children. War Child reach out to the youngest victims of war to give them vital, long-term support. Taken from the “our approach” section of the War Child website:

Our aim isn’t to provide some kind of support to as many children as possible. It is to provide sustainable, intensive support to the most marginalised and vulnerable children and young people. It would be easy to reach lots of ‘beneficiaries’ by buying thousands of children a school uniform, or by giving street children a lift back home – but without addressing the family, social and economic problems – the children will most likely be forced to drop out or run away again.

They’ve previously helped boost their funds with gigs and albums featuring some of the world’s most famous acts from a variety of genres. The most recent album, “War Child 20: The Best Of”, is still available to buy via iTunes (the selection is heavily skewed toward British indie). And now, for the first time, videogame studios have been brought in to help, too.

Right now until 14th November, you’re able to buy packs of specially designed peace emblems in World of Tanks, with profits going to War Child. The pack of three costs €1.99/£1.77, and the pack of 10 costs €4.99/£4.44. If you play WoT, this is a great chance to grab limited edition emblems with the bonus of your money going to a fantastic cause.

It’s not just World of Tanks, though. In a superb display of generosity, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday will be donating their profits to War Child for specific periods (21st November to 2nd December and 28th November to 2nd December respectively). In addition, Verdun will be selling a “Christmas Truce DLC” 16th to 31st December. In the spirit of the real-life 1914 Christmas Day truce, the DLC will feature football matches, snowball fights, and exchanging Christmas cards. As with everything above, all net profits from this DLC will be donated to War Child. The aim is to have this “Armistice” gaming event become a regular occurrence, and we hope to see the industry’s biggest players quickly join in. If there’s anything in the offerings for this first year that interests you, do please put your pennies in for the digital goodness.

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