Final Fantasy XV food is a real thing (for a week)

Are you excited for Final Fantasy XV? If so, you’re certainly not alone; the legendary series has been going for almost thirty years, and a new numbered instalment is always cause for celebration. Some people live Final Fantasy, breathe Final Fantasy… and now, thanks to one of the restaurants established by slobbering celebrity chip-hater Jamie Oliver, they can – for one week – taste Final Fantasy, too.

Believe it or not the London branch of Fifteen will, from 22nd November to 29th November, be offering “a selection of dishes inspired by some of the meals enjoyed by Noctis and his comrades in the game”. You’d think that no human being could possibly resist the temptation to include a dish called Death By Chocobo, but no; it’s things like bubble & squeak and cheesecake. Oh well. Menu is below:

Obligatory PR fluff follows, courtesy of Fifteen London’s “Events Manager” Jonathan Woodhouse:

Final Fantasy XV has a unique relationship with food. The cooking and sharing of meals by the four friends on their journey emphasises the power a great dish has on bringing people together. We at Fifteen celebrate the magic of food with our meals taking inspiration from all around the world and we’re very pleased to be working together with Square Enix on bringing the fantastic flavours of the game to life.

Why is the FFXV menu coming to a close on the 29th? Well, we’d imagine it’s because that’s when the game launches on Xbox One and PS4. So if you need a little more Final Fantasy XV in your life before then, you can head to Fifteen London from Monday and get yourself a literal taste of the game’s world. Just be prepared for the bill to deal a critical hit to your wallet.

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