Ubisoft is giving away yet more free stuff right NOW

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Ubisoft are weird. Like, seriously odd. They’re quite possibly the only major third party publisher, for example, to consistently show Nintendo some love. Supporting one of the industry’s longest-standing and most talented developer-publishers? What’s that all about, eh? Another really weird thing they’ve been doing is giving away free stuff, which the quick-witted amongst you will have gathered is set to continue.

The reason behind all this gifting is that Ubisoft celebrates 30 years of existence this year. They’ve already given away six free PC games, one a month – you can still grab yourself a digital copy of Far Cry: Blood Dragon if you’re quick – and a seventh, yet to be revealed, shall be made available unto the masses in December. Yet that, apparently, is not enough. Ubisoft has now launched the “30 Days of Giveaways” campaign. Head over to 30days.ubi.com, log in with your Uplay – sorry, “Ubisoft Club” account details – and nab whatever that day has to offer. Right now it’s the mobile version of the original Rayman for free, but that might have changed already by the time you read this. Every one of the 30 days will have something new to claim… but it’s not quite that simple.

For one thing, it won’t always be a game. Other giveaways will include discounts on the Ubisoft store (which could be pretty good) and “DIY projects for the whole family”. The Ubisoft blog teases us with the information that the promotion will include three “of our latest titles”; understandably limited… to 300 copies of each. So that’ll be those gone within minutes of going live then, probably to the same 300 people. Sigh. We predict 300 copies of Steep on the game’s launch day, and 300 copies each of Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry Primal elsewhere. We win nothing if we’re proved correct but, hey, it’s nice to be right (and yet another disappointment in life to be proved wrong).

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