See Shock Tactics in Static

Shock. Electricity. Static – as in still, static pictures. As in not moving pictures but just plain ole screenshots and some gumpf to go with it. Shh it’s been a long year.


If you like your XCOMs, then Shock Tactics looks like it might be worth keeping an eye on. There’s a lot to love about the new XCOMs but we’d like to see some other takes on the whole alien invasion schtick; so taking the side of the invaders makes for an interesting take in our books. Especially since it’ll still include base building and setting up outposts, albeit in a very different style that looks more akin to Civilization than the basic structures in XCOM.

Despite it being a procedural generated world it’ll still have a story; so it’ll likely have those same ramping tensions from battles, as everything gets incrementally harder while your hard fought veterans bite the dust and leave fresh faced recruits to step up.

All in all, it’s definitely piqued our interest and if it can even do half of what XCOM can then it’ll be pretty damn good. Fingers crossed that it gets better as the PR drip-feed gives us more and enjoy the screens below!

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