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The very newest Tales Of game is on the proverbial horizon, due for release on PC and PS4 January 27th. This time round you’ll step into the shoes of a lady rather than a chap, but also: there are pirates! Everything is better with pirates. They certainly did wonders for Assassin’s Creed. Bandai Namco have sent over approximately one shedload of art, so we though we’d share it with you lot. Because we’re nice like that.

A slideshow of the piccies is above (click on each image to scroll forward manually, switch to thumbnail display and view individually if you want larger images). Below you’ll find some words we’ve put together, hopefully in the right order, about the game. Looking forward to Tales of Berseria, and want to frustrate yourself further that you have a little longer to wait? Read on!

The protagonist of the latest Tales game is Velvet, a woman whose “once gentle nature” has been completely reversed after some kind of traumatic event which took place three years before the events of the game. So lots of killing stuff, yay! This leads Velvet to join a crew of pirates but, to be honest, it wouldn’t take much to convince us to do the same.

Interestingly, Berseria’s tale takes place in the same world as that of Zestiria, but in the distant past (so no shameless reuse of tonnes of assets – hopefully). Indeed, the character designers for Zestiria have been brought in for Berseria.

Cutscenes will be handled by Ufotable, who have worked on many games and anime series but will be best known to many for Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (as well as some previous Tales Of work of course). If you need a taste of the game right now, there’s a demo you can download via Steam and PSN.

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