New trailer confirms Persona 5 still looks awesome

“This time, it’s PERSONA-L” is the tagline for Persona 5. Or at least, it would be, if Atlus employed anybody nearly as childish and as tolerant of terrible and unfunny jokes as us. Are you excited about Persona 5? If not, you should be. Persona 3 was awesome. Persona 4 was totallyawesome. The Vita-exclusive Persona 4: The Golden was awesomely super-mega-ultra-awesome. So, yeah, we have high hopes for Persona 5; which the above trailer has done nothing to dampen.

After all, come on. Doesn’t that look great? Not just in terms of graphics (although there’s some superb art design at play there). Okay, so mainly in terms of graphics, because that’s a big chunk of what we have to go on at this stage. The design is sort of like if Splatoon met… er… Persona. Looks like there might be some surprisingly-not-crap stealth elements in there. Well, you and your compadres are the “Phantom Thieves”.

Persona 5 has treasure! A talking cat! Lots of fighting! A talking cat! Teamwork!A plot with its roots in the fundamentals of Jungian philosophy! Masks! Fully animated cutscenes! A talking cat! A talking cat!

The release date was recently kicked back from Valentine’s day to April 4th(though it’s already been out a while in Japan), which is disappointing. Will it be worth the wait? Way too early to say, but we sure hope so; and the signs remain good. Oh, and that trailer soundtrack is nice and snazzy, isn’t it? A sample of the work of Shoji Meguro. Well we presume so, anyway, as that’s who’s scored the game.
Persona-lly, we can’t wait (okay, we’ll never do this again, really, promise).

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