Speedlink Decus Respec mouse: hardware review

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From the base of my palm to the end of my middle finger is 6.5 inches (~16.5 cm). Yes, I have small, almost childlike hands; this is an important factor to consider for how much I enjoy using this mouse. And I do “enjoy” using it as much as I enjoy using any controller or interface that doesn’t impede my gaming or my computer use. The Speedlink Decus Respec gaming mouse is anything but unwieldy. In fact it is very wieldy and I very much like it indeed. It also works straight out of the box, so if you don’t want any of the extra features straight away then go ahead.

Lets get the actual looks of it out the way first. As a gaming mouse, it has to look cool and edgy, and I might be a little too old now to make a judgment on that but it looks pretty slick with its red and black shell, and “breathing lights” (that can be made static or turned off if you are a super uncool old person) that can be any colour of the rainbow, in a sort of neon light sort of way. Which I think constitutes the cool and edgy factor. And I’m sure my “fellow kids” would agree.

The second feature that most people won’t worry or care about is the adjustable weights. Measuring in at 4.5 grams each, four of these badboys sit in an easily accessible hatch on the underside of the mouse (which can be plugged in and working while you adjust it). Their holster is rubbery and they’re fairly simple to remove and put back in. Their total weight is 18 grams, which is less than one of those Helix shatterproof rulers that were in English schools when I was a kid. I tried both with and without these weights and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. It’s so minute a difference in a mouse that already glides about on my mousemat, that I don’t think that most people will really be able to tell the difference either. It’s nice that it can be used but I won’t be using it again.

Onto the touchy feely; the plastic is smooth, slightly rubberised and molded into that lovely shape where your thumb fits into a slight groove underneath the two thumb buttons, with two more pronounced grooves for your ring finger and little finger. It’s an ergonomic design and I’ve found it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. I notice it less than my previous mouse, possibly because it’s a mite bit softer to the touch too.

As for how it plays, well, once you sort out the dpi/sensitivity for whatever game you like to play, it all works like a dream. I’d been using a dirt cheap unbranded mouse of an identical shape with only minor differences in button sizes (and a whole lot of difference in build quality) and I can see the difference in my aiming. I play Warframe. A lot. And with my previous mouse I noticed I was all over the place with my aim. My movements were a bit stuttered and staggered, so even on higher sensitivities and dpis, I wasn’t aiming particularly well. I have noticed a much smoother aim, and while I’d like to say that it’s personal improvement, it did only take effect after switching mice.

The Macro functionality is something I’m very against with controllers as they are purely made for gaming and are usually only there for exploitation online. Mice on the other hand can be used for that but when you can mix Macro functionality with various interchangeable profiles it not only gives an edge to players, but also workers. Seriously. Mundane tasks like copying things from one window to another can be done all on the mouse. The sheer time saved, or at the very least the slight cut in RSI ctrl+c and ctrl+v would be a godsend. Then again I couldn’t use this at work, but it would’ve been a huge boon if I had been allowed to.

The only real criticism I have of it is, that the middle mouse button is too easily pressed. It’s not that it’s hugely delicate but I did end up accidentally clicking it on numerous occasions when I was just scrolling upwards. If you’re real gentle then you’ll probably be alright but I, gentle as I may be, still managed to click it mid scroll many a time. Perhaps I am just very mighty and don’t really know my own strength. More likely, it’s just a tad too sensitive to being pushed.

I really like the Decus Respec. It’s the exact shape that I like from my mice, it’s soft to the touch, and it’s much smoother and more precise than I was expecting. I’m not one to generally think too much into the differences good peripherals can make but this has very pleasantly surprised me. Especially since my aim has gotten far better in Warframe again. It’s far more expensive than the cheapo rubbish I normally get for mice but then again its quality makes a good go at justifying the price, and it’s not exactly at the expensive end of the gaming mice scale. I think the only way to be disappointed by a mouse like this is if you’re really in need of a greater number of programmable buttons in the palm of your hand. Other than that, this seems like a very decent option.

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