Macmillan Game Heroes 24 hour marathon

We’re not sure about you but we love games (yay!), and we hate cancer (boo!). So whenever something comes along that combines the two, it gives us the warm-and-fuzzies. Macmillan Cancer Support are running a year long event called Macmillan Game Heroes, to raise money for charity with the help of streamers. The big news is that Twitch are also helping out with a special event at Twitch HQ in London.

From 12pm on the 20th May and ending at 12pm next day, there’s a 24 hour stream featuring some professional YouTubers such as, Ltzonda, Stodeh, Members of AOAAGold, TwoAngryGamersTV, MissEllaCronin, PhantomSFX, Jay1fifaking, angrysausagetv; which we can only presume are the names they were given at birth. Over the course of the gaming marathon, they’ll be split into teams to compete against each other for points, which will serve to separate the winners from the losers – though they’re all winners for supporting Macmillan. You’ll be able to watch the game based shenanigans from high noon on the 21st over on their Twitch page.

As well as this particular event, there will be others throughout the year and, if you should be so inclined, you too can also take part. Macmillan have handily gotten together a few resources to help budding streamers get everything sorted. So if this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to try, then why not take a gander at the Macmillan Game Heroes page?

It’s also worth mentioning that, Macmillan are a top notch charity and even if you can’t give to it now but want to do something, however small that may be, you can support them through Humble Bundle Store purchases. Instead of getting 5% back on your purchases for your Humble Wallet (like Ebenezer Scrooge), you can be even more Humble and donate that 5% straight to Macmillan (or another charity if you must) by picking it as your designated charity via this handy little link right here.

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