The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – episode 4 review

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Right, we’re up to the fourth episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier now (reviews for episode 1 and 2, and 3). Enter, the filler episode! It’s not that there isn’t a lot going on, but it feels like it’s mostly faff. It’s all about preparing for a big event, except it feels like about a quarter of it is actually reminiscing about the past instead. The rest is a 50/50 split of either “building relationships” with characters who you’re likely not very interested in building relationships with, or doing the actual prep.

The whole reminiscing about the past bit is handled quite well. Both of these instances occur after Javi and Clem have already had more recent interactions with their respective family/friends that appear, and we picked choices and had conversations in a way that we would have liked to at those points in history. The problem is the way those play out seems fairly substantial, and would’ve influenced points of previous episodes to the point that the character interactions would have been vastly different.

It’s a really jarring situation as soon as you realise how completely irrelevant it all is to the rest of the story. It might as well have all been a dream because, if it had really played out like that, then the current situation would’ve been far better than the direction we took. Of course it “could” have all made sense if only we’d known what the correct answers for each choice were.

Perhaps there are events that take place afterwards that go and sour things between characters again… but really? We’re not buying that. If it were an episode of a TV show you could easily get away with watching just the last fifteen minutes or so. The rest? Pfft.

It’s also the point where they really, really lay on the “guess who this season’s most disposable character is”. It’s about as unsubtle as it comes. There are numerous times in past episodes where it’s given you a wink and a nudge saying “shall we kill them off yet?”. Now they’re laying it on as thick as possible.

It’s disappointing, as it’s the first big drop in quality this season. It’s an okay episode in that it passes the time, but the ending feels like it was crammed in just so they could leave it as a cliffhanger for the action-packed finale. So if you haven’t played this episode yet, wait for the finale before playing it; this isn’t much of an appetiser.

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