Xbox Culling to the faraway towns

You may have heard of a game by the name of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, affectionately known by the alcoholic-friendly acronym PUB. If you use your computer thingy for videogames, you may even have played it. Alas it is, at time of writing, not available to those in consoleland.

Enter The Culling.

Already available in Steam Early Access (as it has been since March last year), The Culling is a “battle royale” game built from scratch rather than as a mod for an existing title. Some would argue that “deathmatch in a big map with no respawns” is an oversimplification of the genre, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what’s involved.

That there trailer up the top tells you more than enough to know if you’re interested or not. Guns, melee weapons, ambushes, and a whole lot of “watch your backside”. Though it’s still not leaving Early Access, The Culling will be available to purchase via Xbox One’s not-at-all-like-Early-Access “Game Preview” thing from June 2nd, in Europe and North America at least. Sure, the graphics look a bit janky; but with the promise of a decent variety of weapons and a goal of being the only winner, it’s certainly got our attention.

It doesn’t look to be a particularly story-heavy game, but we may as well mention that the premise is an ultra-violent, Running Man style gameshow. Family Fortunes it ain’t. “We asked one hundred people to name something you’d take on holiday. And then we killed them all.”

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Written by Luke K

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