Well fought nights in Fortnite

Free-to-play isn’t usually what springs to mind when you think of Epic Games, but here we are with Fortnite which is due for Early Access release come July 25th this year. It’s a third person shooter with classes, but the twist is that you make your own forts and fight against the undead. It’s a largely co-op affair and it looks like it might appeal to those of you who are dedicated to the horde modes of other games.

It’s actually offering quite a bit of detail in the fort building, so it might also appeal to Minecraft players as well, as you’ll also have quite a bit of resource collecting to do. It sounds like there’s going to be loads to unlock and if Epic’s other Free-to-play titles are any measure, then there will be. There’s four main classes, with individual characters conferring advantages you won’t get with any others; so it looks like unlocking them’ll be the main grind. How well each class will feel to play will be the linchpin behind it all, as balanced teams will be needed – which we’re sure any Overwatch players will be all too familiar with.

As it’s free-to-play, the elephant in the room is always going to be what the ‘real’ price of entry is. In this particular instance the game ain’t releasing until 2018, so Early Access will need you to stump up £35 (or alternatively $40, etc). And that’s just the minimum tier. There’s a rather luxurious *ahem* £125 bundle with stuff which isn’t easily quantifiable, but the one that looks to have about the right ratio of stuff to money is still £50. If you’re really looking forward to it and want to take a chance on it, you’ll also have the “privilege” of getting a four day head-start if you preorder any of these editions. Epic’s done fairly right by players with Paragon, so hopefully this’ll follow suit.

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