Escape from Hyrule

Have you ever tried to escape from a room? Not in an “I accidentally locked myself in a room and must now escape it” sort of way but in a SAW kind of way but with far less fatal conclusions if you fail… or if you win. Okay, maybe not like SAW at all, but more like a room in a Zelda game where a fun puzzle must be completed before you can go on. Or at least that’s what we imagined when we heard about the escape the room game Defenders of the Triforce by SCRAP.

Escape the room events pretty much always get a lot of buzz around them and are generally considered to be pretty darn fun. This particular instance is a Zelda themed version which is entirely unsurprising considering the name of it. It’s even got Nintendo’s approval which is pretty good considering how protective they are of their IPs… well at least these days. It’s also breaking from the escaping a room concept to instead accommodate a large explorable area with a mystery. Which we suppose means that this is to escape rooms what Breath of the Wild is to the standard Zelda games. Or something.

You will take on the role of Link and will work with up to six other players – who are also Link – to solve the mystery within Hyrule. Your chain will have an hour in total to complete your task, as you meet Gorons, Zoras, and Kokiri and get to interact with items that you’ll recognise from the games along the way, before getting some time at the end for “amazing photo opportunities”.

There are still tickets available for the 14-16 July dates in London and it will be hitting a few other European cities soon. So if it sounds like your bag you might want to order quick as it’s a bit pricier at the door.

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