Pure Farming 2018 looks oo-arrrsome

Farming is big business. So much so that Farming Simulator 2017 was quite the hit; something we believe is deservedly so. But we’re not here to talk about that today, we’re here to talk about Pure Farming 2018. Admittedly, we are slightly disappointed it’s not a spin-off of Black Rock Studios’ superb quad biking game Pure. All the same we love us some farming, and Pure Farming has it in spades… er, tractors.

Since farming isn’t just about local farming for local people, you get to travel the world, albeit not in your tractor. Globalisation has fully kicked in and it’s your job to farm your way to victory across Italy, Japan, Columbia, and Montana, USA. And when we say farm, we don’t just mean tractoring around the farm, we mean the whole hog: tending to fields, orchards, greenhouses, and livestock, as well as dealing with green energy.

Pre-ordering it will let you rake in the Germany Map DLC for free, so you’ll have to whey up whether that’ll save you money in the long term or if you’ll just wheat for it to come down in price.

You will have to wait to rev those engines though as it’s not due out until 13th March 2018 when it’ll release for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. There are however two lovely videos of those beautiful, pristine, shiny, metal beasts called Tractors, or should that be Tract-phwoars‽ Shake those treads, baby! No please, come back, don’t bale on us now! We’ll be sorry to soya go!

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