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Ah, Slitherio. Or, or slither dot ee-ai-ee-ai-oh, or however you choose to pronounce it. Popular with kids and adults alike, the eat ‘em up has enthralled millions with both official games and unofficial rip-offs. Licensed toys might seem like a bit of an odd idea; but, spoiler: they’re actually rather good.

I’ll start off with the 8” bendable plush. The priciest single item with an RRP of £9.99, it’s fair to say that this was an immediate hit with my whole family (our eight year old daughter quite literally screamed “it’s so cute!!” when she first saw it). Soft, cuddly, & cute, it’s also poseable to an extent thanks to the wire inside. Although expertly made, it does feel as though the aforementioned wire could begin to break through the material given some particularly boisterous bending at the ends by an aggressively determined child. To stress, it’s top quality stuff and perfectly safe; but if you have one of those kids who tend to break their toys at alarming speed, expect this to suffer.

The rest of the range leans on the seemingly invincible obsession of kids across the world with blind bags. The bendable figures can be bought individually in traditional blind bag style (£3.99 RRP), or in a three pack, with two visible and one ‘mystery’ toy (RRP £10.99). They are, like all the toys in the range, both of good quality and unreasonably cute. It’s worth noting however that, if you’re expecting a fully plastic snake advertised as ‘bendable’ to be as pliable as a pipe cleaner, you’ll be disappointed. There’s surprisingly little give when it comes to the bending. Nonetheless, they delighted my girls, particularly the younger two (five and eight).

The final entry in the range is the “mystery mini squishies” (£3.99 RRP). Each hexagonal pot contains one mystery baby-sized snake. D’awwww!

If you have kids who are into Fashems, these squishies are like those; only bigger, and (thankfully) of a much better quality. If you don’t know what I’m on about, then they are, as the name suggests, very squishy toys. You can squeeze them to, say, blow the eyes out of all proportion. They pick up things like hair and dirt fairly easily, but that’s the nature of these things. You can’t give them a good wash, sadly, because that would eat away at the colouring (which will fade away after heavy use anyway, but the life is infinitely superior to Fashems). The bottom line is that these squishies are priced the same or cheaper than the competition (at RRP, at least), and they’re made to a noticeably higher quality.

If you have kids that are into – heck, if you have adults that are into – these toys will make for great, solidly-built gifts. It’s great to see the recommended price tags are perfectly reasonable, although there’s a question mark over how easy it’ll be to find the products at RRP. Although these samples were provided to me for the purposes of this article, we’ve actually ended up ordering one more plush and one more blind bag because they were so popular with the family (with more orders to come in the future, no doubt!). At time of writing however, I’ve noticed that while the plush and the three pack of figures are being sold for RRP at Amazon, the sellers with stock of the blind bag products (single figures and squishies) have added a bit of extra cost on there to beef up their profit. I’d recommend any of these toys without hesitation; but be mindful of RRP, and shop around.

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