Oh my Gog! Another free game!

PC gaming has always, generally speaking, offered superior graphics and more extensive customisation options when compared to consoles. However, these benefits come at the price of extra expense and complication. It’s a constant arms race to keep your computer powerful enough to run the latest games at full spec, and some games won’t run because they’re too old. The lovely people at GOG can help you out with two of those issues.

Although “Good Old Games” sell a variety of modern titles, they also offer many much older games compatible with modern systems. Even better, they now and again offer something completely for free, no strings attached. Right now for example, you can shoot over and download King of Fighters 2002 gratis (you’ll need an account, which is free to set up). Be quick if you want it; at 2pm tomorrow (February 15th) it will have a price tag attached again.

The freebie is also a cunning way to draw people onto the site in the hopes of enticing them to spend some money in the sale that’s still live for just under a week. With discounts on games such as Cuphead, Hellblade, Absolver, and the GOTY edition of The Witcher III, there’s sure to be something to engorge your impulse-buy gland. You could still, of course, just dive in for the freebie and run away again before you’re too severely tempted.

Rumours that the site address was actually supposed to be dog dot com, but was misnamed due to a ventriloquism-related mishap, persist.

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Written by Luke K

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