Planet Of The Apes bringing monkey business to VR

The 21st century Planet Of The Apes films are great for several reasons. They’re brilliant movies, certainly; but they also allow people to enjoy the people vs apes setup without having to endure Charlton “compensating for my willy with guns” Heston. They’ve also, finally, started to spawn some mainstream games; and the latest one is promising.

We’ve had one recent Planet Of The Apes game already, in the form of Last Frontier. That was an intriguing choice-driven adventure, which met with mixed reviews. Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR – a super-brief trailer for which is at the top of this page – is set to follow very soon, on April 3rd. Also from Imaginati Studios via Foxnet, this game will allow you to play exclusively as an ape on PSVR, Oculus Rift, and Vive for £14.99.

The idea of a first-person, VR story from the apes’ perspective is undeniably attractive. We’re promised a game that will “balance visceral combat with a plot-driven narrative”. Details are scarce – apart from the fact that your character will be captured, and forced into violent conflict with humans – and the trailer certainly doesn’t give much away. It does appear to feature some gameplay though; and who on earth wouldn’t want to play in VR as a primate with a machine gun shooting at a helicopter?

There’s a website, but don’t expect it to open up too much on details (understandable, given the presumed focus on story). It certainly doesn’t explain exactly what the crisis is. Maybe there’s a global banana shortage?

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