Dinosaur robot zombie VR game – come see!

What would you expect from a game calling itself Time Carnage? If you’d expect dinosaurs and robots in the same game, then it seems you have very reasonable expectations. You quite possibly wouldn’t expect zombies as well, but hey – they’re in there. There will also be monsters “and more”. We’ll never complain about having a variety of things to shoot.

Time Carnage comes from Perp Games, who also published the hilarious The American Dream (both VR titles). The developer, meanwhile, is Wales Interactive. The two companies previously worked together for the Don’t Knock Twice game. We haven’t played that, but we have played a previous WI game called Gravity Badgers. In addition to surely enjoying the greatest name ever bestowed upon a videogame, it was actually pretty good fun.

As for Time Carnage, we’ve watched the trailer beginning to end twice now, and still can’t decide if it looks fantastic or fantastically awful. We like VR, we like shooting things, and we certainly like the idea of shooting dinosaurs in the face with dual-wielded submachine guns. Perhaps our brains are just having trouble processing what we just saw (especially the final scene, where enemies from all time periods are bunched together).

If you are interested, you’ll be able to grab yourself a physical PSVR copy from April 6th, and a digital copy for PSVR or the PC VR formats from April 10th. You’ll get a wave shooter with over 25 weapons for your money and, in a neat development, there are challenges which will unlock cheats and weapon perks. Will it be any good? Time will tell (presuming it’s not experiencing carnage).

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Written by Luke K

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