Get your own Monster Hunter weapon (sword of)

Are you susceptible to paying double or more what you usually would for a game, just because there’s some sort of special edition packaged with collectible tat that you couldn’t possibly find any sort of practical use for? We certainly are! Did you know that for quite a while now, Loot Crate has offered the ‘Lootgaming’ subscription, offering you such tat on a monthly basis without having to worry about a game getting in the way? Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a limited/special/collector’s edition every month – and the merch you get is fully licensed and usually exclusive.

Crate contents remain a closely guarded secret until they’ve been sent out to subscribers, but one item in the new package has been revealed to whetstone your appetite. The “Hunt” crate will contain a Monster Hunter Great Sword. Well, not an actual one. They don’t exist for one thing and it is not, as you’ve probably already guessed, full size. That would be a tad expensive. The Jawblade seems to have been lovingly recreated, though, and if you want one of these little beasts then you’ll have to go over to the site and order yourself a crate (you can order just the one rather than commit to a subscription should you so wish).

Other games that will be featured in one way or another are Far Cry 5, Dark Souls III, and Batman: Arkham City. Each crate always contains a t shirt, and there’s usually some sort of figure in there too If you’re tempted by a subscription, you’re guaranteed some cool stuff, but be warned; commit to more than a single month, and you’ll have to pay the whole amount covering your subscription period immediately.

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