Football Manager 2018 Touch looks to score on Switch

SEGA have surprised everyone, by quietly releasing Football Manager Touch 2018 on the Nintendo Switch. The game is right this moment available to download from the Nintendo eShop, and features a bespoke interface and a control scheme tailored for the Switch. You can use the Joy-Cons or the touch screen (see what they did there?), and you can play the game while docked or on the move.

The match engine on Switch is the first time it has appeared on a home console.

Football Manager Touch 2018 on Switch includes the same features as the tablet version of the game, and includes the 3D Match Engine, which is the first time the engine has appeared on a home console. The full Football Manager database is utilised, with all the big teams available to take charge of, from over 100 leagues featured around the world. While the game isn’t as feature-packed as the PC version, the Switch version is more streamlined for playing on the move- surely the main appeal –  allowing you to focus on what made the games great in the first place; transfers and tactics. So no more getting hounded by the Sun newspaper to explain why you picked certain players, which is a major plus point in our eyes.

The full Football Manager database is utilised in the Switch version.

The game has been co-developed by Sports Interactive and Hardlight, who developed Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump-although there are, to the best of our knowledge, no platforming levels or anthropomorphised mammalian antics. Available on Nintendo eShop for £29.99. 

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