New LEGO: The Incredibles trailer spotlights Crimewaves missions

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment have just released a new LEGO: The Incredibles trailer, which features the first look at the Crimewaves missions from the upcoming game, which is based on both Disney Pixar The Incredibles movies in their LEGOfied form. Woo and, if you will permit us, a hoo also.

Dash, as his name suggests, is super fast and can run up walls.

The new trailer demonstrates how players use teamwork to defeat a host of supervillains that have taken over the game’s main hub world. Said hub world is separated into unique districts, with criminal masterminds like Syndrome and The Underminer in control of each district. Players are faced with multiple challenges and boss battles as they seek to bring the dastardly fiends’ control of these districts to an end. You can see in the trailer The Incredibles 2 villain The Screenslaver, who has the power to hypnotise people, along with Syndrome, the main antagonist from the first film. Even the Parr family baby Jack Jack gets in on the action too, in what looks to be a fun escapade.

Frozone and baby Jack Jack are also involved in the new game.

With the game featuring locations from both movies, and plenty of secrets to uncover and villains to defeat, LEGO: The Incredibles is shaping up to be another engrossing game in the ever-expanding LEGO games franchise if done right. Still, no game that includes superpowers in what looks to be an open-world city (plus violence against at least one mime) can be all bad, right? 

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