Borderlands 2 is blasting onto PSVR this December

Good news for PSVR-owning Borderlands fans, as 2K announced that Borderlands 2 is coming to Sony’s VR headset. Borderlands 2 VR is developed by Gearbox themselves, and sees you take on the role of a Vault Hunter who is tasked with ridding the cell-shaded land of Pandora of the villainous Handsome Jack, whilst looting everything you see. Unfortunately there’s no 4 player co-op option this time, with the game being single player only; but you’re otherwise getting the full game, and not a simplistic spin-off, for your money.

Borderlands 2’s cell-shaded style should suit VR quite well.

A new feature in the VR version is the ability to slow down time (known as Bad Ass Mega Fun Time) in order to set up your next attack, and hopefully help relieve any VR nausea issues. The game lets you move normally with the thumbsticks or, if you haven’t got your VR legs yet, you can teleport around the game world by pointing and clicking where you want to go. The four main classes from the original game – Siren, Commando, Gunzerker, and Assassin – are there, but they have been tweaked to make better use of the ability to slow down time. Also new is the ability to drive around in first person, as the original used a third person view, with you using the thumbsticks to steer and accelerate, while using the headset to aim your guns. Unfortunately Borderlands 2 VR doesn’t support the PSVR Aim Controller at launch, but there’s always the hope that it will be supported at a later date.

Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PSVR on 14th December, which is a nice early Christmas present for PSVR owners.

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