About Us

Most of us have previously written for and/or helped to run gaming blogs. We’ve all got years of experience playing and loving video games, as well as years of experience writing for pleasure. Heck, we’ve even got somebody who works in the publishing industry; we know what we’re doing. On top of that, we’ve got our grubby mitts stuck well and truly into the games industry. Our long list of established PR contacts allows us to talk directly to publishers and developers.

Consider us the supergroup of gaming blogs.

Critical Gamer brings you only what we, as fellow gamers, would want to read. Therefore, this is what you can expect:

News: We bring you only the most up to date and relevant news. If you want month old stories, or the release date for the latest train driving simulator, look elsewhere. If a news story was first reported exclusively by another site, we will credit them for it wherever possible. Any rumours we report will be clearly labelled as such, and backed up by at least one external source. You can be assured that any exclusive stories have been thoroughly researched; we have no wish to humiliate ourselves.

Reviews: We are fiercely independent. Our review scores are not for sale. Our reviews will be written by honest people with a love for video games, and a talent for writing. Fanboy leanings toward or away from one particular format have no place here.

Articles: We will bring you exclusive articles from our team every month, on anything from the history of a series to the hot topic of the week. If our readers ask for an article on a particular subject, we will listen to them.

Critical Gamer is written 100% by gamers, for gamers, and this will be clear – without the sloppiness this usually implies. We are also proud to introduce to the world our resident artist Ross Furie, who as well as designing our logo, will be irregularly providing us with exclusive illustrations (whenever we can tear him away from the chocolate hob nobs).

Anybody who asks us ‘are games art?’ runs the risk of being beaten to death with their own legs.