Epic Mickey – confirmed as Wii exclusive

US based gaming magazine Game Informer has ended speculation by confirming their newest cover as art from Epic Mickey, the steampunk Mickey Mouse title in development by Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios.

Furthermore the game has been confirmed as a Wii exclusive and judging by the artwork it’ll include using your Wii remote for some painting shenanigans.

For those of you who might find it hard to get excited by a Mickey Mouse title it’s worth remembering Warren Spector is pretty much an industry legend, due to his work on Deus Ex, the Thief series, the Ultima series and the Wing Commander games.

Also, try imagining the meeting where Junction Point pitched their idea for a steampunk Mickey Mouse to their Disney bosses. On paper it may sound like a mismatch, but with Warren Spector at the helm, there’s every chance it’ll be brilliant.

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Written by Michael J

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