Modern Warfare 2 PC release delayed?

Though as yet unconfirmed by Activision, Electronic Theatre is reporting a two week delay for the much anticipated Modern Warfare 2 on PC.

A recent string of PC games have been delayed in a similar manner, with Assassins Creed 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and several other high profile titles all announcing a release on console first, with PC owners having to wait several weeks to get their grubby mitts on them.

Suggestions are that the release date discrepancies are part of a bid to combat piracy, PC games being the most vulnerable to pirated releases. If the reports are proven true, the PC version will ship November 24th, whilst console owners need only wait until the 10th.

Yesterday evening Activision released a new video for Modern Warfare 2. However it’s unlikely Activision would time this new announcement to coincide with the video, unless they really hate PC gamers and find untold pleasure in tormenting them with spectacular trailers. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest news from Activision preceding Modern Warfare 2’s release as and when it comes.

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Written by Michael J

Michael is a self proclaimed PC gaming fanatic and is equally at home with all genres, bar platformers and puzzle games. Except Bejeweled, he's awesome at that. Seriously, he is totally like second on his Facebook Bejeweled leaderboard. And they said he'd never amount to anything...


  1. Anthony H /

    I feel this is quite a shame as I’ve always regarded Call of Duty’s home as the PC. Lately however I get the impression they have been leaning towards the console market with the recent online console gaming boom that has come with the latest generation of consoles. I guess I love my mouse and keyboard too much to give in and get the 360 version early if this turns out to be more than a rumour.

  2. Michael J /

    Yeah COD was a PC only franchise when it started, but COD 3 was console only if im remembering right. Plus pretty much everyone with a console bought COD 4 and it was still selling for full price a long time after release. I guess Activision are just prioritizing the market they think will give them the best sales.

    For me personally I’m cack handed when it comes to console FPS’es and using gamepads to aim, so when possible I’ll always get ’em on the PC.

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