Fallout 3 DLC: Broken Steel: review

Broken Steel

  • Format: PS3 (version reviewed), 360, PC
  • Unleashed: Out Now
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Developer: Bethesda
  • Players: 1

The first DLC for Fallout 3 arrives on the PSN in the shape of Broken Steel. This is a continuation of the main game and starts you off in a make-shift hospital in the keep of the Brotherhood of Steel’s wasteland base, The Citadel. After having a chat with the big man himself, it turns out you’re not dead after all! So, a bit of a red face if you happened to chicken out and shove one of your mates into the ‘purifier of death’ at the end then. Not to worry, as Mr. Lyons is a stand-up guy and gives you the low-down on what’s been happening while you’ve been having a bit of a rest. The Enclave are on the move, and the Brotherhood’s personal Iron Giant has been tasked with chucking mini-nukes around at the opposition like an American football star.


If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the the Capital Wastes then fear not, to help you get back into the swing of things there’s a bit of a helping hand to begin with. You’ll be tagging along with the Brotherhood guys for the first few missions, which is a nice way to coax you back into the game. Regardless of what level you have your character, this DLC will have a fantastic effect on your development and can earn you 1000’s of XP each time you pass a mission from it. Given the removal of the level cap, this is more than welcome. Which moves us on to the next thing, perks. We know that some of you may have hit that level cap without being able to pick all the perks you wanted, and this DLC allows you to get the ones you left behind. There are a few new ones included in the DLC that are very helpful, but the best are saved till last (as usual) and give you something to strive for; others are more along the lines of space fillers such as ‘Puppies’ which allow you to pick up a fresh Dog Meat indefinitely, should he die in action. There are also the karmic re-balancers that allow you to completely shift from do-gooder to nasty-git in the blink of an eye or the other way around, should you feel like a change of heart.


The introduction of new types of weapons and armour is a welcome refreshment too, if anyone has played the original Fallout games the ‘Hellfire’ armour will be instantly recognisable to them. All of this lends a new lease of life to the Capital Wastes and gives a lot of replay value to an already massive playing area, while adding new locations to your ever-growing map. The missions included in this DLC can be both demanding and satisfying, walking the path of destruction with Liberty Prime is good fun (even as a by-stander) and kinda makes you feel like you have your own ‘fresh from the patriotic loony bin’ Transformer to follow around.


Make no mistake though, some of the missions in here will test you. If you’re an all guns blazing kind of person don’t expect to stay alive too long, unless you’re very handy with some of the bigger weapons. Those who are cautious may live a little longer, but the enemies that you’ll face will be of the harder variety and in close quarters. This DLC gives you a fair run for your money, and a lot of little bonuses such as the Deathclaw scrambler key-card, but will make you work for it. Those who just love to scrounge will be in heaven, and those looking for a challenge won’t be disappointed.


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Written by R.Furie

Ross has been playing games since he can remember and has had games machines around him all his life. He's what we now refer to as "Old Skool" because he grew up playing games with a hand carved wooden joystick on a TV forged from rope and stone. Nourished on a diet of Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Joust, Gauntlet, Bomber Jack and other various wholesome arcades he has grown to become a versatile and open minded gamer. Favouring the style of open-world games he's sure VR can't be far away, and looks forward to attaching himself to a colostomy bag and slipping into a deep VR coma so he need never have to deal with real life again.


  1. Tammy Darby /

    No matter what I do I cannot get Broken Steel to pick up where the game ends. I purchased the disk (not the download) and my setting show I have the patch update that some say is needed for this dlc to run, but no matter what I do, I cannot get the dlc to start. I know it is installed because I have the 10 extra perks, and I see some of the changes that are mentioned as being part of BS. I really want to play the dlc and have continuously slammed against this brick wall–can someone please help me??

  2. Kevin M /

    Hi Tammy. Did you finish the mission “Take It Back”? Apparently you have to finish this final mission before you can play Broken Steel. The other dlc works right away. Not sure if that’s much help for you.

  3. Kevin M /

    If you have finished the game, go back to your last autosave just before finishing the game, and play on from there. The ending has been re-written, and should continue with the Broken Steel dlc after that.

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