Fallout 3 DLC: Operation Anchorage: review


  • Format: PS3 (version reviewed), 360, PC
  • Unleashed: Out Now
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Developer: Bethesda
  • Players: 1

The next instalment of Fallout’s DLC is a rather cold affair. After wandering the wastes for a while your Pip-Boy picks up a signal that’s not really meant for your ears, in fact it’s exclusively for the Brotherhood Outcasts. Being one of the very few in DC with a portable computer stuck to your person, the signal’s not attracted too much attention, luckily. After following said signal you emerge into a firefight between the Outcasts and a large bunch of super mutants, and after helping them push back the imposing threat, they notice your little trinket on your arm. Intrigued by this they ask you to meet with one of their science team, who informs you that the Pip-Boy is the key to a simulation programme. This is where it all goes a bit ‘Matrix’ on you.


You see, the simulation is for an old military programme where a key point of the war happens. And you’re the guy (or girl) who can run through the programme, and access the code to open the vault full of technology in the back end of the Outcast’s base, and they want in there, badly. You’re then given a choice, help them or not. After choosing the ‘red pill’ you begin the simulation, and are dropped quickly on the side of a very high mountain. Where and how you go about your business from here is up to you, although this is a fairly linear affair and won’t leave much room for personal decisions.

Guns of Anchorage

This is where Anchorage starts to deflate a little, becauseĀ as you are supposed to be retracing the steps of whoever it is that you embody, you won’t be able to make any game-changing decisions along the way. There won’t be any looting of corpses either as once an enemy has been killed, they are removed from the ‘programme’ entirely. So it’s just a case of running and gunning your way through all those pesky computerised Chinese soldiers, and management of your supplies should be considered carefully. This leaves the harsh winds and high ledges of Anchorage with a dislocation to reality. However, much like in the Matrix if you die in the simulation, you cop it in real life too!

Things soon get better after you find your way back to your camp though, where you are congratulated by your superior and briefed for your next mission. Access to the computers in the headquarters tent allows you to assemble a team who will follow you into your next battle, these can be made of snipers, heavy-fire team members or even robots should you wish it. The objectives for the missions that follow are fairly fun and varied and will no doubt keep you on your toes; that said, there is still the linear problem to this package that seems to set Anchorage apart from the rest of the Fallout 3 world. Although this pack doesn’t include extra perks to pick, or lift the level cap any further, it does give you some nifty stuff after completion. Things like the Chinese Stealth Suit allow you the ability of an infinite Stealth Boy, or the Winterised T-51b Power Armour can make you a one-man fashion show back in the DC wastes. There’s also a very rare electric sword to find in here too, but don’t get too excited; it’s not a lightsabre or anything!


Operation Anchorage is a fun little run-around and puts you in a very different place from the Capital Wastes, which is nice in a ‘war-on-holiday’ kind of way, but don’t expect it to eat your life like the rest of Fallout 3 does. It’ll be over before you know it!


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Written by R.Furie

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