Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server petition grows to 86k

With the recent announcement that all PC multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2 will run through the new IWNet matchmaking service, PC gamers have understandably been rather upset. A petition sprang up soon after the story broke and is now moving toward the 100k signatures mark, currently nestling on just over 86000.

One of the main points of contention is that dedicated servers allow community or clan servers to exist, where a regular group of people can play together. Dedicated servers allow for custom rules, community created maps and the integration of mods. However without dedicated servers it’s essentially pot luck (based on the players rank) where and who you’ll end up playing with and it could mean that modifications and custom maps won’t feature at all in the game.

Another suspicion exists amongst PC gamers that the change to a matchmaking service is an underhand way of strong-arming players in to paying for DLC. Without dedicated servers supporting mods and player designed levels, the suggestion is that all new content for the game will come in the form of paid for DLC.

News of the new service and the original announcement was made by Infinity Ward community manager Rob Bowling on a webcast over at BASHandSlash

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