Iwata: Nintendo not ‘losing edge’

 Struggling financially is not really news any more, is it? Earlier this week, we reported a double whammy of bad news; majority stock loss and the Wii facing a saturated market. But the conclusions drawn from this should be tempered and reflect Nintendo’s oft control of the videogame world.

 That’s what Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata said yesterday, reports GamaSutra news. “I cannot understand why some people come to think that Nintendo has lost its edge as soon as they hear such news that other companies are newly applying for motion technology,” Iwata said at a Japanese investor briefing. Nintendo’s motion technology will always be easier to take advantage of while remaining “fun and interesting,” he contends.

 Iwata dismissed out-of-hand the idea the iPhone poses a threat to the DS market, essentially for the same reasons. The DS, rather, is increasing its footing around the world and found it foolish to suggest such a notion. As in the past, Iwata contended the DS and iPhone are vastly different markets. “Realistically, Nintendo does not try to reach out only to those who can afford to pay several thousands yen monthly.”

  In the end, President Iwata reminded everyone what it was all about; entertainment. “We are making entertainment commodities. The business model which requires our customers to promise to pay several thousands yen every month for the next two years does not suit well for the entertainment commodities.”

via GamaSutra

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