Two new Wiiware titles from Hudson in the next fortnight

Two new Wiiware titles from Hudson Soft will be splashing up on to the gaming coast line in the next couple of weeks, both available for 500 points.

The first of these to be expected this Friday, November 13, is the follow up to My Aquarium in the form of My Zoo. The game centres around you raising, feeding and breeding eight different zoo animals such as lions, elephants and pandas (even with bamboo aphrodisiacs we can see this one being difficult).

The eight animals in the initial offering may not sound like that many, but Hudson promises that more will be released in the near future, with cuddly critters like white rhinoceroses and cheetahs mentioned.

Monkey versus dinosaur. How did they die out and we thrive?

Monkey versus dinosaur. How did they die out and we thrive?

Hudson Soft’s next game, due out on November 20, is Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem, which takes a very unique angle on a theory made popular by Mr Darwin.

Starting out as a primate you’ll have to battle lizard men from the primeval to the medieval time periods, in this bizarre take on survival of the fittest.

As you progress your knuckle dragger will go through several stages of evolution, from monkey, to apeman, to caveman and finally, to a knight. Of course your enemies also evolve along with you to keep you on your toes, along with hordes of fire-breathing armadillos and catapults. Lovely stuff.

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