Project Natal release details emerge

MCV are reporting today the first information about the pricing and launch of Microsoft’s Project Natal. The pricing for the hardware will be much much lower than many had anticipated, coming in at around £50 when sold separately from the console. The idea being that it’s low enough that people will purchase on impulse.

As for the hardware launch, November 2010 is being touted as the month of release, with around 14 games expected to be released in conjunction with the new device. Many of the big name companies including EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Rare and Square Enix are already said to be working on games that utilise Natal, but we’ll still have to wait some time before we find out which games will be ready for launch.

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Written by Michael J

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  1. I trust it comes with the obligatory stream of Microsoft design failures, or at least RROD/BSOD? I’m a very critical gamer.

  2. also comes with the obligatory uninformed consumer.

  3. Congratulations on your web server being back online 🙂

    • Patrick G /

      Thanks we also upgrading the server tonight, so we be albe to handle more traffic.

  4. Anonymous /

    It is easy to bash on MS for the RROD, and much older, BSOD. However, I am greatly interested in this technology.

    The so-called “future” is fast approaching/already manifesting.

  5. Lets hope they see the true potential in this as an interface to the whole PC related world, rather than just the limited world of gaming 😉

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