LoadingReadyRun Plays Desert Bus For Child’s Play

Canadian comedy group LoadingReadyRun are currently hosting the third consecutive year of their charity event Desert Bus For Hope. As the name suggests, it revolves around the infamous Sega CD title Desert Bus, which we can rightfully call the most tedious and unrewarding game ever produced. The team take turns playing the game around the clock, which you can view live on their website. Last year they managed to received $70,423 over 5 days and 5 hours, and this year seems set to smash that record. Every single cent is subsequently donated to Penny Arcade’s charity Child’s Play.

The gang is always on camera and it’s definitely worth tuning in to see what they get up to. At the time of writing they are taking song requests in exchange for donations (“Don’t Stop Believing” right now, if you’re wondering) and the next few days will surely be full of cool events and contests, so it’s well worth joining in the fun.

Join in and donate at http://desertbus.org

LoadingReadyRun’s website: http://www.loadingreadyrun.com

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Written by Rikard O

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